Emerging issues in tourism and hospitality industry

In andthese two latter indices experienced annual increases averaging about 4. Changes in demographics that are expected to constrict the available labor pool; Government regulations higher minimum wages, immigration constraints, and mandated healthcare ; New labor agreements that include significant increases in wages and continued limits on the ability to cross train; and Higher benefit expenses resulting from increased health insurance costs and pension requirements.

Smart-phones have replaced desktops and laptops, and social media updates from mobile phones are the preferred trend. The situation in Korea is very similar.

While there will be an increase in health travel offerings targeting the aging population such as medical spas, the offerings should also include elements of adventure, spirituality, or stress management that will appeal to younger markets.

What does it do to their demand base? Meanwhile, following are some thoughts to share regarding potential opportunities for hotels to meet the labor challenge?

They will be more demanding in terms of quality ingredients and will prefer healthy food with organic ingredients. If enacted, however, the introduction of the new security measures, known as the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, will have a clear impact on travel between the US and its neighbors, particularly the overnight sector.

I my experience of speaking to hoteliers on a daily basis I, without fail, hear the desire to amp up direct booking…which may be why this is the first point listed in the article. What does this milestone mean for hoteliers?

But it has its own issues and challenges.

8 Emerging Hospitality Industry Trends

Marriott has been doing this better than anyone for decades. Third, as more and more Chinese travel overseas, they also export their culture, behaviour and norms to wherever they go. Increasing institutional investment into the hotel sector is enhancing asset values and consequently lowering returns.

Meanwhile, following are some thoughts to share regarding potential opportunities for hotels to meet the labor challenge? In both cases, the onslaught of new brands is a cyclical one and tends to occur during the up and peak points of the hotel cycle.

It is important for hoteliers to bring the generations together and begin to serve their different habits, patterns and needs. Faced with this situation, what can a developer or owner do to protect its interests?

How emerging market growth is changing tourism

There was a time not too long ago when people joined the hospitality industry for its glamour. It is very difficult for an individual property to afford in-house technical support personnel trained in all the systems it uses, yet many properties do not have support agreements with third party vendors that might pro-actively prevent imminent problems.

Construction contractors, particularly smaller ones, may not be able to offer guaranteed-maximum construction contracts, because they may not have the purchasing power to secure materials at favorable or fixed prices. One well-known US resort brings over two hundred workers from Jamaica each spring to fill various positions under the U.

The 4CI’s (Contemporary Issues) in the Hospitality Industry

Meghna Rishi and Sanjaya S. This comes at a time when lodging brands are increasingly adding amenities and services in order to differentiate themselves from competitors. Shift in baby-boomers to gen X Future of Hotel Profits: Nevertheless, as far as hotel-management systems are concerned the disadvantages of an unintuitive user interface can be overcome through user training, yet many hotels handicap their users by not providing refresher training on at least an annual basis.

Centrally-hosted systems allow for highly-qualified technicians to provide a far more secure and managed systems environment than would be available to an individual property.

Inutilities grew at a rate of Franchisee councils, 3rd party impact studies, and areas of protection are a few of the methods used to address this complex issue, but none have proven to be a panacea. Amid low inflation and low unemployment, the US economy seems poised to sustain 2 to 2.

These multi-talented employees can fill in where needed in peak times and have their own horizons broadened through cross departmental training. This allows the terrorist organization behind the attack to register its cause even more prominently.

These recent and ongoing changes in the demographic environment hold major implications for the hospitality industry in particular.

The village literally went Chinese.

Emerging Trends in Tourism: Opportunities, Challenges and Implications

These thoughts would suggest that, perhaps as an industry, we should focus more on creative alternative uses for marginal brands and properties as opposed to worrying about the new ones stealing existing business.

Of the million nights spent by Canadians visiting the U. Emerging marketing issues and challenges in the hospitality sector International Conference on Hotel and Business Management Sanjaya S.

Table 1 shows a list of luxurious cruise ships launched in and What does it do to their demand base? It is also the best report on this subject to emerge in at least a decade.

Developers will be eager to adhere to a tight project schedule, while contractors will often be at the mercy of the materials suppliers as well as the availability of materials themselves.At the recent ISHC Annual Conference held in Miami, Florida, ISHC members participated in a series of roundtable discussions to identify the ISHC Top Ten Issues in the Hospitality Industry for tourism sector, report for discussion at the Tripartite Meeting on Human Resources Development, Employment and Globalization in the Hotel, Catering and Tourism Sector, 2–6 AprilSectoral Activities Programme (Geneva, ), p.

8 Global Talent Trends and Issues for the Travel & Tourism Sector Final Report - January 9 structural transformation from industry to services in advanced and emerging labour and skills issues in the tourism and hospitality industry: A guide to developing tourism.

Emerging Issues In Hospitality Industry. Current issues in the hospitality industry HOSPITALITY Tourism industry Hospitality is one of the most interesting and challenging industries to work in and offers a wide range of job and career opportunities and an endless variety of places to work in.

Hospitality is the business of helping. At the recent ISHC Annual Conference held in Miami, Florida, ISHC members participated in a series of roundtable discussions to identify the ISHC Top Ten Issues in the Hospitality Industry for 8 Emerging Hospitality Industry Trends The hospitality industry is optimistic and expects a brighter and better trend.

As the economic landscape is progressing, there will be a change in the trend of “staycation,” and people will now intend to focus on the value of travel.

Emerging issues in tourism and hospitality industry
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