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A carer should take in to consideration that as individuals, children and young people need sleep and rest periods but everyone needs different rest patterns and these should be respected.

This can cause emotional upset as well as physical problems as children can often be bullied for being overweight by their peers. High scope encourage children to think for themselves and makes decisions. Minor injuries will be dealt with on site and parents will be informed of the accident when the child is collected.

Wheat and rice is their food and devout Sikhs will fast once or twice a year. Can you identify other external or personal factors that affect the rate of development?

Eymp 3 Promote Children??™S Welfare and Wellbeing in the Early Years

Children require a good sleep pattern to be able to function. Section 3- The Welfare Requirements- the general welfare requirements p.

To best meet the needs of the child it is important that all health professionals work together and signpost to each other to help families achieve the best outcomes.

A range of activities about other cultures different from their own enables children to develop positive attitudes towards others. Therefore Margaret provides everything possible which is needed to help these things e.

At the time of enrolment parents need to be aware of all safeguarding, child protection and personal care policies. It is also important to ensure that an adult is always around to supervise any activity so to reduce the risks involved.

Eymp 3, 1 Explain How to Promote Children’s Health and Wellbeing in an Early Years Work Setting

Any incidents involving a child is to be reported, recorded and parents need to be informed that day. If the complaint is an allegation against a member of staff, the complaint will be referred directly to the Director of the Centre.

Also that any visitors to the premises have been vetted and allowed onto the premises. General practitioners GPs are usually a familys first point of contact.

It can be a battlefield and can cause major issues and a child can develop food phobias or other issues concerning food.

To manage behaviour A behaviour management policy is in place at my setting to support adults to support children in times of conflict. A vegan diet is based purely on fruit, vegetables, cereals, pulses and seeds. Children are active learners who build and construct their own knowledge of the world High Scope philosophy Role play for older children Enjoy free play, planning and discussing the activity in groups and individually.

They are equally important and depend on each other to support the rounded approach to child development.

Eymp1-3 Explain Strategies to Support Carers Who May React Positively

She will not allow a child which is ill or sick into her environment as she believes they should be at home getting better. Here is a Eymp 3 essay example showing some of the ways in which childcare professionals can work in partnership with parents and the positive and negative aspects of them: Spiritual health, this would include religious beliefs.

They must take in to account the needs of a parent who has a disability or whose first language is not English. Working in Partnership with Parents Childminder?? My setting also has leaflets available for parents to take home on healthy eating. Routines also need to be flexible enough to allow the children to finish their task.

You should be aware of portion sizes, this is important because children can still become overweight on healthy foods if they are given too much. Settings should provide the minimum clear space for each child. All these areas much be delivered through planned, purposeful play with a balance of adult-led and child-initiated activities.

Healthy snacks for children should be low in sugar and full of utrients. Play was allowed once children had completely their learning. If a food is high in calories it should be high in nutrients. It would be the employees Line Manager as well as the Directors role to counsel and encourage the employee to seek assistance.

A good guideline to use is the Eatwell Plate which will help. The roles of key health professionals are as follows: As a lot of childcare settings serve snacks and meals it is important that the childminder understands the importance of providing healthy and nutritionally appropriate foods for children they mind.

It is important to view health and well-being in a positive way. Complaints will be investigated quickly and thoroughly. They must be provided with opportunities to explore and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings, for example, through a variety of art, music, movement, dance, imaginative and role-play activities, mathematics, and design and technology.

All staff who are employed have sufficient qualifications and are over the age of If the issue persist then a parent would be advised to get professional help. Care, Development and Play All settings need to make sure children feel valued, respected and independence is promoted while they are in a safe and secure setting.EYMP 1 EYMP 2 EYMP 3 EYMP 4 EYMP 5.

EYMP1: Context and principles for early years provisions Children & Young People's Workforce Level 3. Early Years Framework. Tassoni et al () Level 3 Diploma Children and Young People's Workforce (Early Learning and Childcare). Pearson: Harlow Essex.

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EYMP 3 Promote childrens welfare and we Essay  EYMP 3 Promote children’s welfare and well being. eymp3 – Health visitor – works with the family will visit a child at home as well as see them at the clinic, they will record the child’s weight and height and carry out age milestone checks on the child.

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EYMP 3 Promote Children’s Welfare and well-being in the early years.

Eymp 3 essay example
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