The christian attutude towards cloning

Although popular thinking—secular psychology and humanistic thought—would have one believe that The christian attutude towards cloning is accountable to no one but himself and that man is the ultimate authority, the Bible teaches differently.

John Paul II states, "These techniques, insofar as they involve the manipulation and destruction of human embryos, are not morally acceptable, even when their proposed goal is good in itself.

At that point, the cells could be used for reproductive cloning or therapeutic cloning. Therapeutic cloning is murder. One of the findings of the qualitative study was that some MZ twins perceive the problematization of genetic sameness in the cloning debate as offensive.

Christian views on cloning

The goal of human reproductive cloning is to implant the cells into a human uterus and result in the birth of a live baby. Zygosity was determined by a validated questionnaire and genotyping in cases of uncertainty.

Twins have the same genetic material. Nakasone, a Buddhist priest and Professor of Buddhist Art and Culture at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California stated, "The Buddhist response to the possibility of cloning human beings is not if, but when.

In addition, if humanity was created, then there must be a Creator, and humanity is therefore subject and accountable to that Creator.

Thinking through the ethics of cloning

However, if it goes into cloning only specific parts of the human body such as heart and kidneys, for the purpose of treatment, this is permitted and actually recommended and rewarded by Allah. And there is nothing patently unscriptural about the mechanical development of a clone blastocyst.

Traditional demographic divides on moral issues don't seem to apply to human cloning. Proverbs refers to certain activities regarding restoring the health of an individual Proverbs Four in 10 Americans still disapproved.


Jewish Judaism does not equate life with conception and, though some question the wisdom of cloning, Orthodox rabbis generally find no firm reason in Jewish law and ethics to object to cloning. In order to determine the Christian view of genetic engineering, we need to establish a grid of principles through which to view genetic engineering.

Courtney Campbell, director of the Program for Ethics, Science and the Environment at Oregon State Universitysays, "Some traditions and leading figures in conservative Protestantism who were opposed to human cloning for reproductive reasons have come to see that given the ambiguity about their own views about the status of embryonic life, and given the potential for health benefits, they could be opposed to reproductive cloning, but affirm therapeutic cloning.

Americans are less opposed to human cloning when it stops short of producing the birth of a human being. Neither, then, is science the authority by which the ethics of human cloning, abortion, or euthanasia are decided.Another point of misunderstanding arises in the separation of human reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning.

While most Christians do not support reproductive cloning, therapeutic cloning is a branch of cloning which has garnered slightly more support from certain denominations. Christian Roman Catholicism and many conservative Christian groups have opposed human cloning and the cloning of human embryos, since they believe that life begins at the moment of conception and soul gets into body only this way.

Christian views on cloning

Among the 7 in 10 Americans who said cloning animals, such as sheep, was a bad idea (as indicated in a Yankelovich poll), certain demographic differences emerge. Jun 12,  · Our data support findings of previous research on public attitudes towards biotechnologies, suggesting that men tend to be less sceptical of medical technology than women (Napolitano and Ogunseitan, ; Barnoy et al., ; Shepherd et al., ).

In a Christian context, a possible explanation for this would be that on average, women are more religious than men. For specifics on the Christian view of cloning, please see “What is the Christian view of cloning?

The element of greatest concern with genetic engineering involves how much liberty mankind can take in its responsibility to care. What is the Christian view of human cloning?

Cloning: Right or Wrong?

Question: "What is the Christian view of human cloning?" Answer: While the Bible does not specifically deal with the subject of human cloning, there are principles in Scripture which may shed more light on the concept.

The christian attutude towards cloning
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