Transport business plan in nigeria online

So comfortable that some passengers who wants to travel very early used to move in and sleep there. They are offering 20, daily.

CHISCO has been in business for years and is reputed to be one of the biggest transport company in Africa, making millions of naira daily. Good management is no doubt the lifeblood of any business and that is demonstrated with the Agofure motors.

These cars have good rear passenger space; boots and they are 1. They starts discriminating against their own people — brand new buses will be put to Abuja while the old rickety ones goes to the East.

How to Make Money from Nigeria’s Road Transportation Industry Boom

The initial primary service offered will be hourly technical aid, although retainer contracts and projects will be considered in the future growth. Diaper Manufacturer Business Plan Baby Nappies World plans to enter and penetrate the baby nappies and sanitary pads market. In fact, in the United States alone, the trucking industry produces over billion dollars of revenue a year.

Sitting in those buses while cruising the Ore-Benin road used to be like a dream come true to many travelers. Efficient transport is an essential component in the production and distribution process — commonly referred to as supply chain logistics.

How to Make Money from Nigeria’s Road Transportation Industry Boom

The types of cargo you will be able to carry will determine the type of clients you will work with. Computer Consulting Business Plan Calico Computer Consulting shall provide fast and reliable technical assistance to small office computer users. A Hire-Purchase arrangement is also another popular way of making money from this venture.

You would be carrying expensive merchandize which do not belong to you and would have to be conveyed to its destination safely. The company plans to strengthen its partnership with retailers by developing brand awareness. ABC Transport PLC has taken transport management to the next level and is widely regarded as the best transport company in Nigeria, raking millions of naira on daily bases from their operation throughout Nigeria and West Africa.

Those days of brand new, high speeding Marcopolo Luxury Buses!

How to Start A Haulage & Logistics Truck Business in Nigeria

I also noted that even the Trucks in the Country now are not enough to satisfy the need of this sector. If there is any reason the trucks may not work for the week I tell you, and you may also appoint someone in the city to always check on the truck and attend to me if I make any claims.Transport business is still one of the most consistent business in Nigeria anytime.

If you really want to make money in bulk and make it fast, one sector you must seriously consider investing into is transport sector. Transport business in Nigeria is as old as the nation itself and there is no doubt that those in the business have been known to have contributed in no small way to the economic development of the country.

This sample business proposal and haulage business plan will assist you in planning and starting your haulage business in Nigeria. Haulage involves the movement of goods by both rail and road, but since the collapse of rail system in Nigeria, road haulage has taken the lead.

Over the years, fluctuating fuel prices have negatively impacted the transport business in Nigeria. See Also: How To Start A Consultancy Business In Nigeria: A Step By Step Guide Conclusion. Starting a transport business in Nigeria can be challenging but with persistence, knowledge, and excellent management skills, success is realistic.

The transport business in Nigeria is a lucrative enterprise for people who understand the venture, knows the local terrain, and can implement a good system of operation. To get your sample commercial transportation business plan in Nigeria, pay N20, to: BANK NAME: FIRST BANK PLC.

ACCOUNT NAME: CHIBUZOR TOCHI ONYEMENAM. ACCOUNT NUMBER: After payment, text your full name, email address and title (transportation business plan pdf) to Your business plan will be sent to your email within 15 minutes.

Transport business plan in nigeria online
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