Writing a newspaper obituary

How To Write An Obituary – Tips and Ideas

Even three carefully chosen words can sum up a life. These words could be at the end of the obituary and also used elsewhere, such as at the funeral or epitaph at the grave.

The best way to ensure accuracy is to proofread, and then to proofread again. All the more reason to prepare something ahead of time, instead of rushing between the death and the funeral. Standard Information State the deceased's full name, as well as any nickname people may have known him by.

Writing an Obituary for a Child

Include any military history and any decorations. Surely their lives were more than that! The seniors were somewhat jealous. This sounds obvious, but it is not easy. The obituary might mention favorite pets, toys, or stuffed animals. Errors can slip in, names can be misspelled, dates can be wrong, information can be missed.

How To Write An Obituary – Tips and Ideas

Visitation will be held from 6: If not, you should submit it to the newspaper yourself. If you plan to submit a longer one later, then actually get around to doing it. Just check those newspapers' guidelines and modify the style of the obit as necessary.

Military Service — List the dates and branches of service as well as the number of years served. All the more reason to make it lively and significant.

Find three words that sum up the life lived. Try to mimic the style of other obits in your newspaper so it will not be rewritten. Jane Doe and Samantha Andrews, of Ft. Be careful about naming just some and not others, unless you are intentionally selecting some members of the family.

Funeral Service — Name of funeral home, time, date and address.Writing an obituary requires a lot of thought and careful thinking. Aside from reporting the death of a person, obituaries are short articles within a newspaper or an online newspaper that typically includes an account of the person’s life and information about the upcoming funeral – a mini-biography of sorts.

How to Write an Obituary?

Obituary Templates • Death Notice Submission Forms

Learn how to write an obituary by following these 4 easy steps for writing an obituary. find Obituary Records (Obits) on Ancestors At Rest. Dozens of obituary templates you can download and print for free. We have tips on writing obituary as well printable forms for submitting death notices to newspapers, funeral program templates, and other items relating to memorial services.

Index of obituaries that appeared in the Michigan City News Dispatch and earlier Michigan City newspapers.


Covers present. Includes name of deceased, obituary date, newspaper name and page/column number.

Guide to Writing an Obituary

Obituary Writing Service What is The Précis? Précis obituaries and eulogies transform unforgettable lives into unforgettable stories.

Writing a newspaper obituary
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